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Collection: Surfboards

Custom surfboards start from $820AUD A deposit stated on each product is required to be paid to start the order process.
We can ship your order to anywhere in the world at additional freight charges. Please get in contact for a freight quote to your region.

$50 for boards 5' - 7'6 

$80 for Boards over 7'6 

16 products
  • Grom board
    Grom board
  • Flax Fish
    Flax Fish
  • Fish
  • Flyer
  • Long fish
    Long fish
  • Mid Fish
    Mid Fish
  • Mini Simmons
    Mini Simmons
  • Midlength
  • Mid twin
    Mid twin
  • Twin pin
    Twin pin
  • Tri fin
    Tri fin
  • Simmons Fish
    Simmons Fish
  • Hull
  • Single fin
    Single fin
  • Log