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Glassed flax fish
Glassed flax fish

Glassed flax fish

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My flax fish with made with a 100% flax bottom, paulownia deck, cork on the rail wrapped in a 4oz clothe. 
to keep the eco, durable side of things I use resins that once cured have a high bio content. 
the flax clothe is a eco sustainable material giving you a stronger board and it looks that good. 
having a 2mm skin of paulownia on the deck will prevent any foot depressions and collapsing of the deck. keeping it looking tidy for years to come. 

This fish is super dialed with nice proportions and foam where you need it. 
a lot of paddle power but not taking away from any performance. 2ft - 10ft it’s gonna excel either way. 

I run a single concave that blends to a double concave then vee out the tail to help that rail to rail. 
Finished with a chine rail, this is proven to be the faster most responsive bottom contour set up. 

three options for fin systems. Future, fcs2 or glass on paulownia keels 

I’ll contact regarding sizing and fin system

This is a definite addition to any quiver.